Where to Recycle Your Clothes

September 9, 2018

Denim is a strong, sturdy fabric that’s built to stand the test of wear and tear. It also provides a major benefit that can help close the fashion loop: it’s recyclable. To help keep clothing in our daily use and out of landfills, we’re launching a new recycling program focused on denim.


Starting now, every Levi’s® store (and Outlet) will have a recycle box where you can drop off clothes you no longer need and give them a new life. Bonus: each box is made of repurposed denim scraps to promote recyclability and stay true to our roots.


Recycled items can take on many new functions, but these will be used specifically as materials for community-building projects, such as libraries, hospitals and schools.


Find your local Levi’s® store or Outlet to give your jeans and jackets a new life and save 20% off a single item when you bring clothes in for recycling. If you’re not near a Levi’s® store, try your local Goodwill.

Look for this sign on the recycle box at your local Levi’s® store.


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