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501® Jeans Versus Other Styles

March 2024

Blog: Women's 501 ComparisonsBlog: Women's 501 Comparisons

Some things never go out of style—like our classic 501® jeans for women. But if you're looking to diversify your denim collection, we also have plenty of other amazing pairs—all with their own special superpowers. 

For over 150 years, Levi’s® has stood as a timeless testament to American fashion. Since the patent of our first-ever blue jean in 1873 originally designed for men, our brand has become a symbol of rebellion and empowerment. It wasn’t long before we expanded our denim collections to be suitable for women, emphasizing high-quality, flattering fits. Over time, our brand has become the preferred choice for women embracing their individuality. Because of this, we have mastered the delicate balance between functionality and style. We uphold the durability, fashion and adventurous spirit that define our brand.

Keep reading to learn about how we’re comparing our 501® Originals to some of our most popular fits, like the Wedgie, Ribcage, the 725 High-Rise Bootcut and our 314 Shaping Straight jeans. Whether you’re a denim enthusiast or just looking for your next favorite pair, this guide will help you understand the nuances of each fit.


These are the jeans that sparked a revolution. Originally created as durable workwear, our OG 501® Original became the blueprint for every pair of modern jeans in existence. With their ultra-versatile, straight fit and effortlessly cool silhouette, they are designed to look good with any outfit. We think of them as more than just a pair of pants; they’re a symbol of style spanning across the ages, from past to present and into the future. Take a good look at the details. We added patented durable rivets and five-pocket styling to keep them timeless, and our signature button fly adds authentic old-school flair. Keep them, wear them and pass them on, because they truly get better with age. (Just ask any vintage collector!)

501 jeans


It’s clear that our legendary 501® Originals are known for their classic streamlined look that sits perfectly at the waist with a button fly and a regular fit through the thigh. They are the quintessential pair for a relaxed, vintage-inspired style and serve as the baseline for our comparisons.

Now let’s take a look at our popular Wedgie jeans. Unlike the 501® Originals, the Wedgie jeans were made to highlight and emphasize all your curves. Designed with a high rise and a snug fit through the hips and thighs, they taper slightly at the leg for a flattering silhouette. While the 501® jeans offer an option that is a relaxed and versatile fit, we recommend the Wedgie for people who want to celebrate their figure without sacrificing comfort.

wedgie jeans


Moving on to another fan favorite: the Ribcage jeans. These jeans take the phrase “high rise” to new heights. With the highest waistline out of all our denim styles, this pair is sure to give you a super flattering waistline and legs for days. They are perfect for those who love to pair their jeans with cropped tops or tuck in their shirts for a more polished look. But truly, you can pretty much style them with anything!

While the 501® Original provides a timeless option with its classic streamlined look, the Ribcage’s striking high rise and leg length creates a statement piece that's both bold and stylish. If you're looking to make a statement while still staying comfortable, we think the Ribcage is the perfect fit for you.

Ribcage Jeans


Next, let’s compare the 501® Originals to our 725 High-Rise Bootcut Jeans. The 725 High-Rise jeans were designed to really balance out your proportions, with a mid rise that sits just right and a leg that flares gently from the knee to create a nice leg-lengthening look. They are the perfect blend of contemporary modern and vintage-inspired fashion, offering a subtle nod to classic styles while still being firmly rooted in the present.

While the 501® jeans have a straight leg for a more traditional and casual look, the 725 jeans are for those looking to add a touch of Western flair to their silhouette. We love pairing them with boots or heels because these jeans offer versatility and a touch of flair.

725 High Rise Bootcut


Lastly, let’s look at our 314 Shaping Straight jeans. As you can probably tell by the name, these jeans are all about enhancing and shaping your figure. Designed with a mid rise and a tummy-slimming panel, they provide support where you want it while maintaining a classic straight leg look we’re known for.

The 501® jeans, known for their more relaxed and unstructured fit, contrast with the 314s, which offer a more tailored look to contour and support. If you're looking for jeans that offer both style and shaping benefits, we think the 314 Shaping Straight might be your go-to pair.

314 Shaping Straight

At the end of the day, choosing the right pair of Levi's® jeans comes down to what you like and how the jeans make you feel. Now that you have a better understanding of our most popular jeans for women, you can start exploring your color preferences. From light wash to dark wash and everything in between, you’re sure to find finishes you like. Finish off the look by pairing your favorite denim pants with our button-up shirts, hoodies, outerwear or accessories for a look that’s 100% you.
Levi’s® is not just a brand; it’s a heritage, a legacy and a lifestyle. From the pioneers of denim to the trendsetters of today, our jeans have been worn by generations of trailblazers who value authenticity, quality and self-expression. Explore our effortless blend of classic and contemporary styles through our timeless designs and color palettes. With over a century and a half of expertise, we continue to redefine the standards for women's jeans. Join the Levi’s® family and experience the timeless allure of denim done right. 
**Note: As styles and fits may vary, we recommend trying on multiple sizes to find your perfect pair.