The Tailor’s In


So you found the perfect pair of jeans or a Trucker jacket you love, but you want to add a little flair. No prob. Distress, embroider, re-construct, accessorize (patches and pins please) and so much more at one of our Tailor Shops conveniently located in stores nationwide.

Meet Our Menu


Our Tailor Shops offer a plethora of options that we’ve bucketed into three categories:

‘Alter’ is the category for any service that makes an item fit your body perfectly, think of these as the finishing touches such as hems or tapers.

‘Repair’ is for the services that refresh a beloved piece of yours, more or less just professional patchwork or stitching that will extend the life of your favorite pair of jeans.

Lastly, we have ‘Customize’ where you have the chance to be more hands-on in the design process and create 1-of-a-kind pieces. This could be as simple as adding a monogram or swapping out your buttons, tab, and backpatch, to the more involved custom chain stitch design, to (drum roll please…) upcycling your old favorite into something new. May we suggest turning your jeans into a new skirt?

3x3 grid of service type - Alter, Repair, and Customize - images against a black background.


Time to buckle up and hit the road once again. The next chapter of Roadworn Memories travel patches is taking off for exciting new adventures all across the country. Celebrate your travels with wearable souvenirs from a growing list of our favorite places, features, and local hidden gems.

From the neon glow of Miami to the gravy cheese fries of Toronto, we're crisscrossing the country (and then some) to bring you the best of what our cities have to offer. Each patch is a wearable tribute to the legends already written and the memories waiting to be made.




Get acquainted with some of our top-notch Tailors and their fabulous handiwork below. Inspiration is sure to follow.

Well What Are You Waiting For?


Itching to get something done now that we’ve talked ourselves up, who could blame you? Use the link below to see if there’s a Tailor Shop in your neighborhood and stop by anytime. Or book an appointment and let us know what’s bringing you in so our Tailors can have ideas and samples ready to go.

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Red Tab™ Exclusive


On top of exclusive products and promotions, Red Tab™ Members receive complimentary hemmings and repairs. Not to mention occasional discounts on custom embroidery, free button or patch swaps and more. And the best part, getting access to these perks is easy peasy.

Animating Red Tab™ red, white and blue denim texture and stitching

Feelin' Crafty?


Not near a Tailor Shop? Fret not. We’ve curated a multitude of how-to’s to inspire you, from step-by-step blogs to Red Tab™ exclusive workshops to get those creative juices flowing. P.S. you can catch sneak peaks of our member exclusive DIY content on our IGTV, just follow us @Levis.