First Responder and Health Care Savings


First responders jump into action when we need it most. Their quick thinking and expert training are invaluable in saving the lives of millions every year. To just say thank you is simply not enough. That’s why we offer first responder and medical professional discounts to all who help us during the worst moments of our lives. However small, first responders and medical professional discounts are our way of taking our humble thank you up that couple extra notches. That way, our valued first responders and medical professionals can save on clothing they need when they need it. First responder and medical professional clothing discounts include all our clothing categories including (but not limited to) jeansteesshirtsaccessoriespantsshortsouterwear and more. So, don’t forget to use your 15% OFF first responder and medical professional discount the next time you need something. It’d be our honor to help you find what you’re looking for at a special price just for you.

Red, black and blue gradient texture plate with white "15% OFF" text treatment on topRed, black and blue gradient texture plate with white "15% OFF" text treatment on top

If jumping into action and saving lives is what you do best, clothing is what we do––and we like to think we do it pretty well. It all started over a hundred years ago when our namesake founder began to create workwear for prospectors and minors during The Gold Rush. He put his expertise to work to serve the adventurers and optimists pursuing the American Dream and in doing so, stumbled upon his own. But we are so much more than our founder, in the years that followed the business harnessed the power of American ingenuity to build a lasting brand that pervaded the cultural zeitgeist and changed history as we know it. Our pride in that history and heritage comes through in every item that we make. From our iconic denim to our timeless shirts, tops, tees, and outerwear we design classic pieces that last for generations, not seasons. It’s just our thing.