Military Discount


Here at Levi’s®, we want to make an extra effort to honor our troops with a special 15% OFF military discount.  Our military service members' patronage means the world to us, because, well, they have literally dedicated their lives to making the world safe for us. So in honor of their tremendous sacrifice, we’re so proud to offer military discounts to all those serving our country. As a clothing store with a military discount, we hope that this small token will help prove our dedication to the real heroes helping to protect and serve us every day. With discounts on everything you could want including jeans, teesshirtsouterwearhatsshorts and more, we hope our military service members will be able to find exactly what they need at prices that show our appreciation for their valued work. With that in mind, we hope to become and remain one of the best military discount clothing suppliers in the game. Thank you again for your service.

Red, white and blue gradient texture plate with white "15% OFF" text treatment on topRed, white and blue gradient texture plate with white "15% OFF" text treatment on top

Ok, now it’s our turn to tell you a little bit more about who we are and why we’re doing all this. We like to think that after over a hundred years in the clothing industry, you already know a little something about Levi’s® and what we’re all about. But in the spirit of full transparency, we’ll give you a little background on us. We were founded during The Gold Rush in the American West as a workwear clothing manufacturer which basically means that we have hard work and ambition woven into our very DNA. Today, we have made it our mission to make better clothes that last almost as long as we have. How do we do it? We invest in timeless designs and durable materials that don’t wear out or age out after just a few seasons. We make it our mission to make the very best shirts, tops, dresses, pants, shorts, outerwear, and of course, denim that we can possibly make. That way you get a piece of classic Americana that you can pass down for generations and we get the honor of serving you and your family in the way you serve us.