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One thing everyone needs in their closet? Shorts. Women’s shorts are one of the most versatile clothing pieces. From our classic 501® shorts, mid-rise, high-waisted, loose, mom shorts and everything in between, you’ll find a style that resonates with your personal tastes. Add our black or white denim shorts to your everyday look by pairing them with a T-shirt or sweatshirt. For something more elevated, try pairing them with a button-up shirt. Then add your favorite accessories to switch up your fashion depending on the occasion. Shop women’s shorts at Levi’s® to find all your favorite styles.

Levi's® is the definition of all-American fashion, seamlessly merging a rich cultural legacy with contemporary comfort in both men’s and women’s jeans. We represent an enduring symbol of style and resilience, offering a fusion of modern functionality and timeless craftsmanship.

Rooted in the rugged terrains of the American West, Levi's® denim range is meticulously designed to adapt to diverse lifestyles. Our brand represents empowerment and individuality, favored by those who wish to express their unique identity. Today, our denim collection showcases a diverse range of rises and fits, including straight, slim, skinny, tapered, bootcut and loose styles. Levi’s® effortlessly balances work and leisure, maintaining the adventurous spirit that defines us.

Beyond fleeting fashion trends, Levi's® remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our denim is not just fashionable, but also crafted with enduring quality in mind.

Our offerings extend far beyond denim—from outerwear to dresses, skirts and more. We invite individuals to express themselves through our timeless designs and fits.

With over a century and a half of expertise, Levi's® continues to lead the way in fashion, promising a lifetime of comfort and durability. Mend them, wear them with pride and pass them down. The journey with Levi's® is just beginning.