501® Fans


April 2024

Collage of Mark Avery 501® jeans images Collage of Mark Avery 501® jeans images

A hand-me-down and a Francis Ford Coppola movie. That’s how Mark Avery’s love affair with 501® jeans and Levi’s® began.

After an early obsession with the denim style of The Outsiders during middle school, the celebrity stylist's first 501® jeans came courtesy of a friend’s dad. “We were hired to help clean out his garage. And in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, dads were kind of getting rid of their old Levi’s®. In that era, once they were faded, they were old. And there was something about this old pair of 501®s.” With that discovery, a uniform was born. 

Mark Avery as a teen in 501® jeans
Mark Avery as a teen in 501® jeansMark Avery as a teen in 501® jeans

For this 501® Day—the day we celebrate patenting our very first blue jeans, a.k.a. the 501® Original—Mark opened up his home and, more importantly, his closet, to Levi’s® brand ambassador Albert Muzquiz. As Mark showed off his impressive collection of Levi’s® favorites, as well as his personal approach to style, he also offered up a few styling tips along the way.

Mark Avery talking to brand ambassador Albert Muzquiz

Mark Avery going through his closet

Though Mark has led an incredibly fashion-filled life—from styling celebrities like Ryan Gosling, to costuming films like Barbie and Blade Runner 2049, to performing in a punk band during the '90s—his go-to look has changed very little since those middle school days. A pair of vintage 501® jeans, a vintage Type-III Trucker Jacket, a white T-shirt and boots. Add to that a steady rotation of vintage Stetson cowboy hats. “I love a uniform,” he says. “If someone can dress like you for Halloween, you’re doing something right.”

Of course, for Mark, style isn’t simply about having a cool look. "Clothes are the way we communicate most with the world. People are receiving information by looking at what you’re wearing.” Mark figures that, if you’re going to say something with your clothes, why not control the narrative?

For his own personal style, a huge part of that storytelling involves the Old West. While he counts The Outsiders as a major influence on his youth, the biggest portion of his aesthetic comes from Western icons like Hopalong Cassidy and Roy Rogers, or classic Western films like The Outlaw Josey Wales. Take a tour of his home, Avery Ranch, and it becomes immediately clear that American Western mythology and imagery are deeply embedded into his DNA.

As for his clients, or really anyone looking for a little style advice, Mark says that the most important thing is to take into account who you are. What’s important to you, what makes you comfortable.


That said, having some good Levi’s® denim in your wardrobe is something that Mark would definitely recommend. Because everyone looks good in denim. Especially vintage denim. For Mark, a big part of the fabric’s appeal, both vintage and new, comes down to its uniquely democratic nature. “It doesn’t have to be about expensive pieces or cheap pieces,” he says. “It’s just about going, ‘This is who I am.’ And to me, Levi’s® has always embodied that. It’s always been the great equalizer.”

Not to mention, great denim just ages better than most things. “A great pair of 501® jeans, a great Type III, it’s like it tells a story when you see the fades and the holes. It’s like, I can imagine what you’ve been through, the journey you’ve been on.” Unsurprisingly, for Mark, as for anyone who really loves denim, it’s hard to pick a favorite. “You’ll feel like you have your favorite jean or Trucker. And then you find one that’s even more perfect.”

Although, a wide selection of denim is good for more than just style options. “We’re all human. We all go up and down a little bit in our weight. So we have to have our favorite skinny jeans and our favorite after-lunch jeans.”

Utility. Comfort. Timeless style. It’s easy to see why Levi’s® has become the go-to uniform for everyone from cowboys, to CEOs to celebrity stylists like Mark Avery.