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The Story Behind DaniLeigh’s “Levi High”

Two weeks ago, R&B singer DaniLeigh dropped the music video for “Levi High.” The song, featuring a verse from DaBaby, is a seductive, infectious banger that could’ve been a hit on its own—but the cinematic video put it over the top. The two play a Bonnie-and-Clyde couple who rob a bank, get away with duffel bags of cash, and go on the run…all while decked out in custom denim. 

Just before her 5:01 Live performance on our Instagram channel, we caught up with DaniLeigh to ask about her inspiration for the song, that wild video, and whether she kept any of those Levi’s® for herself.

How’d you get the idea for “Levi High?

I’m not even gonna lie. I was in the studio and David Biral, the producer, played the beat. And I just saw it: “Levi High jeans, sitting right…” because I had my Levi jeans on. That’s my explanation. I was really wearing them.


You came up with all the lyrics on the spot? 

Yeah. Usually I’ll do melodies and start humming out the flow over the beat. But this came so easy. I was also working with Derrick Milano — he’s a writer and he was helping me write some lyrics. He’s worked with Pop Smoke, Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj. He’s dope.

So how did DaBaby get involved? 

I choreographed his “BOP” video. From there, we started working together and became really cool. We were in the studio, and I was playing my music—and when you hear that bassline and the beat, it just grabs your attention. He said, “This is fire! Let me get on this!”  And he did it right then and there. It was perfect — took him like 15 minutes to do the verse.


The video is dope.

That’s definitely one of my favorites I’ve ever done. It’s like a movie. Before “Levi High,” I never did a movie-type music video. But it’s something I want to tap into because I want to get into acting. I loved playing Bonnie and Clyde, I liked the acting parts and the aesthetic was awesome. When we came up with the idea, I thought, I have to do it.

Where did the plot come from?

I linked with Kat Webber, a director. Me and DaBaby are such strong artists in the game, so we knew that to be paired together as a couple, the premise had to be powerful. I said, “Let’s pull up and be on some boss-type stuff.”


Do you wear Levi’s® jeans all the time?

My style is a mixture of newer-age stuff and old-school style. I like the high waisted vibe, too. So Levi’s® are definitely the perfect jeans.

How long have you been wearing Levi’s®

Forever. Since I was Little Leigh. I love, love, the way they shape the body. They have a super old-school feel, and I like to look like that ’90s girl next door. Almost all my Levi’s® are thrifted. That’s how I find the best ones. I have some Levi’s® that are super old. And they fit so perfect.


After the video, did you keep any denim for yourself?

No. But the ones that I wore in the first scene, when I was robbing the bank? Those are mine.

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