Men / August 2020


The Chiller Side of Cargo Pants

Our hit chinos are back. And here to debut their much-anticipated return is good friend of Levi’s® and reigning king of R&B, Khalid. See how he’s wearing the new Levi’s® XX Cargo and why we’re all loving them.


Like its predecessor, the chino, Levi’s® XX Cargo has all the craftsmanship you’d expect from the brand that invented the blue jean. Designed from the thread up and based on dozens of fittings, interviews and iterations, this soft-but-durable denim alternative easily subs in on those rare days when you just don’t feel like wearing jeans. Super versatile and comfortable, they’re a no brainer that make it look like you put in some extra effort.

Extra pockets. Endless possibilities. Unlike Levi’s® XX Chino, these pants have pockets added on the thigh to stash whatever it is you feel like stashing. You can dress them up if you want to, but they look even better with a cozy fleece pullover. You’ll know you’re wearing them right when you look ready for a Sunday hang with the fam (however it is you choose to define that).

"I love being able to move and feel free — and not feel like my clothes are literally spray-painted onto my body."


Meet Khalid. An original-minded free spirit who first hit our earbuds with “Location” and snuck his way into our hearts with his undeniable style, prodigious talent and way too much personality to measure. A natural fit for Levi’s® XX Chino and Cargo, his unique take on fashion captures that sense of individuality and confident self-expression we hold so dear.

"The main thing I love about my job is that I'm able to be the truest version of myself at all times. So I keep that relative to the way I dress. I can definitely look at clothes and tell it's me."

His streetwear vibe is one of many ways you can style Levi’s® XX Cargo. How will you wear yours? Grab a pair and share your XX style with the world using #LiveInLevis on Instagram and Twitter.

Need more Khalid in your life? Download the Levi’s® app for our exclusive interview where we discuss personal style, the color pink and the first time he saw himself in a store window.

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