Sustainability / January 2020

Repair. Reimagine. Recycle.

Levi’s® jeans are made to last. For almost 150 years, we’ve designed durable clothes built to withstand daily wear. These days, when more than 85% of textiles end up in landfills, product longevity matters more than ever. Our data shows that wearing jeans for 10 months longer will shrink its carbon footprint by 18% and water footprint by 23%. We’re on a mission to minimize our environmental impact and make it easy for you to do the same.

Repair: Give your jeans a second life.

Jeans only get better with time, so keep yours for as long as possible. Think twice about throwing out damaged denim: Levi’s® Tailor Shops, and our DIY content, can extend the life of your jeans by patching up rips, mending hems, replacing buttons and more. Hold on to your Levi’s® longer. You’re helping the environment — and giving your denim a little soul.

Reimagine: Love what you wear. Live with it longer.

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans — lovingly worn and torn. When “torn” becomes “tattered”, your jeans still aren’t done. Our expert tailors can transform the workable scraps into shorts. Shorts into wallets. Wallets into patches. Or (almost) anything you dream up. Feeling crafty? Repurpose old denim by following our DIY projects on the Levi’s® blog. It’s eco-friendly shopping in your own closet.

"We recognize that the apparel industry is very resource-intensive. Way too many garments end up in landfills. One thing that's really beautiful about our jeans is that they stay around for generations. They become vintage treasures." - Una Murphy, Levi's® Senior Innovation Designer

Recycle: Keep your denim out of landfills. We can help.

Jeans are super durable, which means they can live many different lives. Never throw out pieces you’re done with. In partnership with Cotton Inc.’s Blue Jeans Go Green ProgramTMwhen our stores re-open, you can drop your jeans off at any Levi’s® store and we’ll help recycle them. You can also take “recycling” in another direction, turning your clothes into instant vintage for someone else. Donate your jeans to a second-hand shop. Pass them down to your kid brother — or save them for your newborn daughter. Anything but throwing them away.

While stores are closed, check out our DIY projects that will inspire you to repair, reimagine and recycle your denim.

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