Our Guide to Shopping Unisex

June 23, 2020

We’ve always believed in the power of self-expression. It’s part of our DNA. We want you to wear what feels right and speaks to your true self. And this has never been more important than now, as our clothes become less about gender pronouns, and more about unisex styles that work equally for all — non-binary, female, and male bodies.

Shopping across the aisle isn’t a new trend — it’s just gotten easier. We’ve seen women in men’s 501® Jeans for decades. They were the original boyfriend jeans; the hand-me-down you turned into cutoffs; the ultimate score at the flea market. With its button fly, straight leg and aura of cool, the 501® Original is still our most gender-fluid fit.

This season, we’ve got even more unisex jeans to try. We’ve also got a range of sheer and printed Cubano shirts, playful accessories, logo tanks and lots of pleats to go around. All this to say our spring collection is truly made for everyone.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate shopping unisex style at Levi’s®.

Find your fit. Just because you were assigned a gender doesn’t mean you have to shop in that department. Plenty of men have worn women’s skinny jeans to get that punk-inspired stove-pipe leg, and a kids’ tee might fit better if you’re more petite. Check out our Stay Loose, Levi’s® XX Chinos, Ribcage Wide Leg and Wedgie Straight, all of which have been worn and loved across the gender spectrum.


Try it on for size(s). Men’s and women’s jeans are constructed to fit differently in the rise, the thighs and even the width in the legs. We recommend trying on a range of sizes, going well above and below your usual. Not only will this help you explore different expressions, it will most certainly help you avoid a total meltdown in the dressing room. Which leads us to…

Get yourself a good tailor (we know a few). Are the pants you like a little too long? Need a pleat? Don’t let a few fit details crush your outfit goals. Our tailors can help you perfect a style until it fits just right. Visit your local Tailor Shop to get started.


Add a print. Patterns add personality. They can also help you feel less curvy or focus attention elsewhere, if that’s what you’re going for. And sheer tops are a great in-between for anyone who wants to show some skin, but might not be ready to flaunt…everything.

Mix it up. A feminine button-down with chinos. A baby tank under a men’s Cubano. How you pair up pieces depends on your personal style. At the end of the day, the key to unisex dressing is the same as any other dressing: wear clothes that are physically comfortable, and that represent who you really are.

Check out our new arrivals to find the latest unisex styles.


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