Make It Yours / September 2019

Make Your Camo Pants Pop

Levi’s® camo pants were made to stand out. And we’ve got a simple, do-it-yourself way to give yours an eye-catching style upgrade that works whether they’re fresh off the store shelf — or hidden away on your shelf.

Watch the video and follow the steps below to learn how to spruce up your camo pants DIY-style.

What you’ll need:

  1. White primer
  2. Orange fabric paint (or any color you prefer)


Apply one coat of white primer as a base by painting it around the border of the camo spots you want to highlight. Let the base dry on that spot before moving on to the next area.


Apply two coats of colored accent paint. This can be standard fabric paint of any color, though neons contrast especially well against the darker camo pattern.


Choose a new spot and repeat the process. Focus on the lighter areas and make sure to scatter your spot distribution to give your camo pants maximum visual pop.


That’s it! Newer or lovingly vintage, your Levi’s® camo pants are now one of your style staples.

And you are a DIY master.

If you don’t have a pair of Levi’s® camo pants yet, give them a look today – and see everything Levi’s® – at one of our stores or at Levi.com.

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