December 2020

wrapped presents close upwrapped presents close up

Add some style and sustainability to your holiday season with our zero waste gift wrap. Levi’s® Tailor Charlotte Briggs covers three ways to wrap presents with fabrics for gifts that make an impression without leaving behind any wast


• Gifts

• Scraps of fabric

• Scarf

• Bandana

• Straight pins

• Ribbon

• String or Twine

• Seasonal decorations (pinecones, cinnamon sticks, rosemary, etc)


    STEP 1

    Lay scarf facedown with the side you want shown on the gift.

    flower print

    STEP 2

    Place gift in the center of the scarf. Bring two opposite corners to the top and tie together snugly. Adjust to keep knot in the center of your gift.

    box centered on floral print scarf

    STEP 3

    Tie one side of the first knot and one remaining corner together using a simple double knot to secure them in place. Repeat on opposite side with remaining pieces.

    wrapping with scarf

    STEP 4

    Add bows to your knots and ruffle to create a floral effect on top.

    bows on scarf gift wrap


    STEP 1

    Lay bandana facedown and place gift in the center.

    bandana with gift being wrapped

    STEP 2

    Take two opposite corners and sandwich them together. Now roll them down in one long line down to the gift, making it tight.

    wrap gift

    STEP 3

    Bring remaining two corners up along the rolled line and secure using a simple knot, keeping the rolled row hidden underneath your bow.

    tying bow on bandana gift wrap


    STEP 1

    Take a piece of scrap fabric and lay face down so any design elements end up on the outside of your present. Note: Make sure the diagonal length of your fabric is at least three times the length of your present.

    fold fabric around gift

    STEP 2

    Place gift in center and wrap as you would with paper, folding one side over the other, into the center. Pin in place (like you would with tape) making sure fabric is tight.

    hand wrapping denim fabric over gift

    STEP 3

    Take one side of the excess fabric and create a pointed shape. Bring the point up to the center and pin in place. Repeat on remaining side.

    hand pinning fabric in place

    STEP 4

    Take string or twine and measure out two times the length of the gift. Wrap string across the middle of the box and around to the back. Cross the string tightly and bring ends back to the front. Secure underneath first string with a simple bow.

    hands tying twine around denim gift box

    STEP 5

    Finish design with additional bows and any seasonal decorations you’d like to add.

    hands adding bows and decorations to denim box