Best Summertime DIY Projects

June 9, 2019

One of the best things about summer is the extra downtime and the creativity that comes with it. Channel that time and energy into our favorite summer-ready DIY tutorials. They’re not just fun, they’re a great way to sustainably repurpose and refresh worn out clothes like jeans and tees.


Learn how to tie-dye, crop a jean jacket and more with these easy-to-follow, Levi’s® stylist-approved projects.

DIY Tie-Dye Shirt

It’s no secret that we love throwback style. Time travel with us back to the ‘90s and wear your baggiest jeans with one of our favorite at-home customizations: tie-dye t-shirts. Grab some dye from your local craft store and follow these three easy steps to create a tie-dyed look all your own.

DIY Sport Stripe Jeans

A quick and unexpected way to update an old pair of jeans is with DIY sport stripes. Perfectly timed with the height of athleisure street style, our step-by-step sport stripe tutorial will show you how to create your own track pant-inspired jeans.

DIY Cut-off Jeans

Cut-off season is in full effect. Grab a pair of old jeans and give them new life with our simple how-to guide on turning pants into shorts. You’ll love the look and feel great about extending the life of one of your favorite pieces of clothes. It’s time to catch some sun.

DIY Cropped Jacket

Pins. Patches. Embroidery. Our Trucker Jackets have always been customization favorites. Take personalization one step further and crop your jean jacket or alter the collar. Like cut-off jeans, a cropped jacket helps you stay cool during warmer months. Plus, it just looks good.

And So Much More…

We hope we inspired you to take on a new summer craft project (or ten). Keep your style fresh and the creativity flowing. Find more how-tos on our YouTube channel and the DIY section of the blog.


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