How to Tie-Dye T-Shirts

April 6, 2018

Style is cyclical. It’s something we all know. So when you think about old becoming new again in the revolving door of fashion, what comes to mind? This year, it’s all about throwback style. Think baggy silhouettes, larger-than-life logos, early Internet influences and one of our favorite looks: tie-dye.


We’re all about customization and DIY style. But with so many at-home methods out there, what’s the best way to spruce up a basic tee on your own? Grab a tee, get some dye from the store and try these three easy steps for a tie-dyed look that’s out of this world.


Start with a blank logo tee and any standard dye color of your choice.


Twist, tie and place rubber bands on your tee to create a unique pattern.


After putting on some latex gloves, spray it, splash it or dip your tee in the dye. Then give it a rinse and an air-dry, and you’re ready to rock it.

Not into DIY? We did the work for you. Check out our latest tie-dyed tees. (Hint: they look amazing with a new pair of jeans or shorts.)


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