How to Turn Jeans Into Cut-Offs

April 24, 2018

If you’re looking for a way to give your old jeans a new life, try turning them into the perfect cut-off shorts for summer.


What you’ll need:

1. Measuring tape

2. Good scissors

3. Tailor’s chalk or pencil


1. Put on the jeans. Mark on the outer hem where you want the shorts to fall.

2. Mark a straight line across the leg.


3. Cut a straight line across the leg about two inches farther down the leg from your line.

4. Try on the shorts and see where they fall. Now’s your chance to confirm they’re just right. If they’re a bit too long, repeat the process. If they’re just right, continue on.


5. If you want a frayed hem, either tweeze out the edge by hand or toss the shorts in the washer to increase the fray.


Note: Don’t discard the cut legs. They can be used for future patches and DIY embellishments.

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