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DIY Sport Stripe Jeans

DIY sport stripe jeans

Head-to-toe sweats. Giant logos. Jogger pants. Sportswear is back in the fashion spotlight and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And since we’re all about customization and DIY style, we thought it would be cool to make our own track-inspired jeans. Follow these five steps to make your own.

jeans and materials needed to DIY paint


Gather your materials and set up your station. You’ll need a pair of tapered jeans, masking tape, fabric paint, a narrow paint roller and tray, measuring tape and fabric marking pencil. We recommend a drop cloth to protect your floors.

DIY jeans with tape for paint


Lay your pants down so that one side seam is facing up. Starting at the seam just below the belt loop, use your fabric marking pencil and measuring tape to draw vertical lines 1” apart.

jeans with paint on them


Follow your marking with masking or painters tape. This tape is what divides and shapes your stripes, so be sure to really press it to the jean for minimal paint bleed.


We used white fabric paint, but you can choose any color. Pour your paint into the paint tray and, using your roller, paint between the masking tape stripes.


Let the paint fully dry and remove the tape for the finished look. Turn the pants over and repeat. A quick cuff at the ankle and you’re good to go.


Not into DIY? We did the work for you. Check out our Hi-Ball Roll Logo Stripe Jeans.

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