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501® Day Around The Globe

Celebrating the jean that started it all.

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Levi’s® x Karla Collection

Our collaboration with renowned stylist Karla Welch is here — but only in limited supply.

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Behind Levi’s® x Karla’s 501® Day Collab

We sit down with Karla Welch, renowned stylist and founder of xkarla, to chat about her exclusive collection with Levi’s®.

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How to Wear 501® Original Jeans

Learn how to suit your style with our most iconic denim pieces.

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Sneak Peek: Levi’s® x Karla

Get a first look at our limited-edition pieces created with Karla Welch, renowned stylist.

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DIY With Renowned Stylist Karla Welch

These five videos will teach you how to customize your 501® jeans.

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The History Behind Button Your Fly

Hint: it involves Spike Lee.

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The Inspiration Behind Our 501® Day Collection

See how our designers reinvent an icon year after year.

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Happy 501® Day!

We’re celebrating 145 years of the 501® — the original blue jean.

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