May 2021

Three photos of Hailey BieberThree photos of Hailey Bieber

She may be one of her generation’s true style originals, but that doesn’t stop Hailey Bieber from putting comfort at the forefront of her approach to getting dressed. “I always liked wearing really baggy, oversized stuff because I just enjoy being comfortable,” she says. “Baggy pants, baggy jeans, big coats, oversized jackets—that’s just what I’ve always gravitated towards.”

Hailey Bieber in an oversized Levi's Trucker Jacket and shorts with a quote overlaying saying, "what success really is for me is how I feel behind closed doors. If I'm genuinely happy, if my relationship is doing well, if my family is healthy, and if I'm a healthy person." - Hailey Bieber

It’s a trick she picked up in part by raiding her dad’s closet. “I used to go into my dad’s closet and, you know, steal his flannels or steal a jacket.” This strategy also led to a love of oversized men’s shirts. “That’s one of my favorite things to incorporate into my wardrobe.” And, of course, the ultimate find during these raids--a great pair of old Levi’s® 501® jeans, worn oversized and cinched at the waist.

Over the years, this love of all things baggy has evolved into a unique style that mixes oversized with fitted, volume with sleek. It’s a play on silhouette that has become Hailey’s hallmark, and a clearly defined style that mixes both classic and fashion forward pieces in unexpected ways. It also reflects the creativity and originality that she brings to everything in her life.

At the core of this hallmark style, though, is Levi’s® denim. Jeans and Truckers that she likes to mix and match both high and low. “I’m the type of person with my style where I might see something that someone is wearing, and take one little piece of that and incorporate it into something totally different.” Ultimately, it all comes together in a style that has elevated Hailey into one of her generation’s most recognizable and followed fashion innovators. A true Levi’s® Original.

We caught up with Hailey on the set of our 501® Originals Campaign shoot, see what she has to say.