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Levi’s® Vintage Clothing

Some of us cherish the idea of waking up early and hitting the flea markets to find old-school fashions in (nearly) mint condition. For the rest of us — and for you thrifters who need a little break — there’s Levi’s® Vintage Clothing. This collection faithfully captures the spirit and heritage of American workwear through reproductions of the fits, fabrics and details of bygone eras.


Our designers source material from our own archive and find inspiration from the hardworking men and women we’ve equipped for the last 140 years. In past seasons, we’ve featured Western-inspired styles and old-school fits reminiscent of those worn by greasers and beatniks. For Spring/Summer 2018, we pay tribute to the Surf Riders who lived on and loved the beaches along the West Coast.

The Surf Riders

They came of age in the 1940s. Too young to remember the Great Depression and having just missed the call to war. Kids raised on Mark Twain and comic books. Young Americans defined by their passions, eager to live outside the status quo. They surfed all day, camped on the beach, brewed their own liquor and free-dived for fresh lobster. For these Surf Riders, their home was along the West Coast, chasing waves from Tijuana to Malibu and living out the American dream one break at a time.

1940s Hawaiian Shirt

Paradise found. The classic shirt for chill times on the beach. A boxy fit with a spread collar and mother of pearl buttons. Made from 100% rayon fabric.

1950s 701 Jeans

Big blues. Our women’s five-pocket jean, the first of its kind. A high-rise fit with a curved waist, straight leg and talon zipper.

1960s Loose Tee

Hang loose. An easy tee for hot days spent watching waves. A relaxed fit made from midweight jersey with graphics inspired by vintage beach safety signs.


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