All Pronouns. All Love.

It’s Pride 2021 & All Are Welcome

May 2021

different polaroids showing different people wearing pieces from the 2021 Pride Collectiondifferent polaroids showing different people wearing pieces from the 2021 Pride Collection

This Pride, we’re adding to the celebration with moments of allyship for our LGBTQIA+ community. That’s why we created a collection with a call you can’t ignore: Respect all pronouns. Because to use someone’s pronouns is to see how they move through the world.

We see you and you are beautiful.


In support of this collection, Levi’s® makes an annual donation to OutRight Action International, working to advance human rights for LGBTQIA+ people all over the world. Our annual donation helps support their work year-round.
“Adornment is a surefire way to make yourself feel whole. I mean, it’s you presenting yourself to the world as you want to be presented. There’s a real honoring of self in that.”

–Yetunde (They), Wearing Levi's® Pride Liberation Trucker
A portrait shot of Yetunde
“My experience with style shifted a lot when I finally gave myself permission to explore beyond the confines of gender norms. Now, whether it’s feminine or masculine, my style feels like my choice.”
— Brendan (He), Wearing Levi’s® Pride Community T-Shirt
Brendan wearing jeans, heels and a white tshirt
Levi's pride back patchesLevi's pride back patches


Tees. Trucker Jackets. Shank buttons. Embroidered patches and back patches. There are more ways to customize your Pride gear online than ever before. How will you customize yours? Share your Pride-personalized with the world by tagging @levis, #LevisPride and #LiveInLevis on Instagram.
“I don’t abide by what’s masculine or feminine. Similar to Jon, I gravitate towards what I like and how it feels on my body.” — Adrian, He/They, Wearing Levi’s® Pride Liberation Roadtrip T-Shirt & Levi’s® Pride Liberation Trucker
A photo of adrian wearing a trucker jacket
“I don’t try to make my look a certain way. I just go for what I like. It ends up being a manifestation of me and what’s inside and what I love.” —Jon (He), Wearing Levi’s® Pride Liberation Shortalls
A photo of Jon wearing overalls


People over profit. That’s how we’ve run our business since day one. 

From standing shoulder-to-shoulder with concerned employees during the rising HIV/AIDS epidemic to pushing the bounds of corporate responsibilities, Pride is a part of our past and future. It’s a part of us.
A black and white photo of people protesting
“As my personal identity blossoms, so does my style. I feel more creative freedom to express how I feel without letting gender norms define what I wear.” —Danie (She), Wearing Levi’s® Pride Customized Artist T-Shirt
A portrait shot of Danie


Find Levi’s® Pride online, on our app and in stores. Every purchase you make equals a donation made to OutRight Action International. So tell your parents, siblings, neighbors and friends. So tell your parents, siblings, neighbors and friends: This is Pride 2021. And all are welcome.