Collage of Man Wearing Streetwear Inspired Outfit with Close Up of White Sneakers in Final Frame

Jeans & Sneakers: The Perfect Pair

April 17, 2019

Peanut butter and jelly, avocado and toast, sneakers and jeans. Things that go hand-in-hand, err — in this case, leg-and-foot. Since launching our Sneaker Jean in Fall 2018, we’ve expanded into new styles, washes and levels of destruction. So if you’ve got some new sneaks and are wondering what to wear with them, read on. Below, we break down our three best jeans to accompany all shoe shapes.

Side by Side Images of Man Wearing Distressed Jeans with Sneakers


Showcase your low-cut sneakers with these destructed and repaired Lo-Ball Stacked Jeans. They stack up at the ankles, creating a frame for your kicks, and they work well with added layers: a tee, flannel and jacket will give you a skater vibe (and a few degrees of warmth).

Side by Side Images of Man Wearing Red Hoodie and Camo Pants with Sneakers


If you want a lighter fabric than denim, try our Lo-Ball Cargo Pants. For maximum stackability, juxtapose with high-top basketball shoes and keep clashing: treat the camo like a neutral and you can pull off your wildest colorways. Tie it all together with a tonal hoodie.

Side by Side Images of Man Wearing White T-Shirt with Jeans and White Sneakers


The Hi-Ball Cropped Jeans go with any sneaker silhouette. They sit effortlessly either graze your high-top basketball shoes or hang cropped over your best runners. To keep the focus on your feet, play it simple up top with a plain oversized tee.

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