February 2023

Travis GeterTravis Geter

In Vol. 20 of our Tailor Profile Series, we celebrate Black History Month with a special perspective from Travis Geter of Atlanta, GA. We explore how he leverages his black and queer community roots as an essential part of his creative process.  His talent and personality come to life in hand-crafted details, style-forward repairs, and soulful “patchwork mayhem”.


Travis Geter

Tell us about your journey landing roots in Atlanta as a Tailor?

I initially became a Levi’s® tailor at the Santa Monica location and then helped to open the Century City store in Los Angeles. I worked with some super-talented folks and learned a ton. In 2020, mid-pandemic, I packed up and moved back east with some new knowledge, experience, and eagerness to learn more. When I got to Atlanta the Ponce City Market location didn’t exist. I worked for a few months as a tailor outside of Levi’s®, but eventually the store opened and I came back to my roots.

Travis Geter

Which of our 3 Cs (Culture, Connection, Community) do you connect with most? Why?

Community, because I’m truly inspired by the folks around me wherever I live. Especially moving from big city to big city, it’s important to find people who “get you.” Oftentimes, these people are your biggest supporters or they become your new family.

Travis Geter

It’s important to find people who ‘get’ you.

Tell us about the 501’s® you are wearing and why it’s your go to fit?

501® shrink-to-fit: Hands down my favorite fit! I’m somewhat of a denim purist so I appreciate the very simple, classic fit of the 501®. The rigid wash is my go-to. You just can’t beat the versatility of dark, raw denim.

The other is patchwork mayhem. I’m kinda obsessed with repair and patchwork on denim, so I wanted to create something slightly chaotic. I mixed a bunch of patterns, repaired some distressing, and even added a flare on the outseam.

You love to tell stories through repairing garments. Can you share a favorite?

My favorite repair I’ve ever done was a couple years ago. The customer had a denim jacket that she wore and washed literally every day. It was completely separated across the yoke and the collar was destroyed. I spent 4 or 5 hours total reconstructing a collar, darning, and making the jacket *almost* like new again. Proudest repair moment, for sure.

Travis Geter

Besides being an established Tailor, you are also well known in the black Queer community as a go-to photographer. Can you share how that connection empowers other creatives in the black community?

The two are very different, but share some interesting parallels. Both can be successful based on the connection and trust built. Black creativity needs be fostered and developed. I think sometimes that means trying out other mediums. I know that I draw inspiration from both tailoring and photography. For me, the two fuel each other. I push to be great at each one both separately and together.

Travis Geter

How has being a creative in Atlanta inspired your journey? What parallels can you make between the larger journey of Black people in Atlanta and yours?

I became a photographer and tailor in LA, but I feel like I stepped more fully into those roles here in Atlanta. This city has so much history and culture that inspires me every single day. “Create more, create better!” is a mantra I fall back on. And I think this came out of a general need to grow both as a person and creatively.

Create more, create better!” is a mantra I fall back on.

In your own words, what does Black joy and celebration mean to you?

Being able to express and create freely is my joy. My art is centered around blackness and that’s intentional. It’s important and necessary to see positive images of people that look like me.

Travis Geter