Find Your Fit Men Truckers

December 2022

Man wearing jean trucker jacket playing the piano Man wearing jean trucker jacket playing the piano


Everything you ever wanted to know about our world-famous Trucker Jacket (and probably a little bit more than you wanted to know) is right here in this article. Discover the difference between our Original Truckers and the newer iterations, and find the one that’s right for you. Read on to get this show on the road–pun intended.

Trucker Jacket (The "OG" Trucker)

This is the original. Our OG Trucker Jacket debuted in 1967 and has been a fan favorite ever since. Here’s what we love about it. It’s the perfect layering piece thanks to its lightweight unlined denim construction and easy fit.  Signature “denim jacket” styling started here including button flap pockets at front, side welt pocks, and button hem adjusters. And while all that is well and good the absolute best part about the OG Trucker is the way it breaks in over time. Like all our denim, it gets softer, fits better, and earns those character-building strains, rips and tears. Just how we like it.

Man wearing Trucker Jacket (The "OG" Trucker), sitting on black chair

Type III Sherpa Trucker

This is our Sherpa Trucker. It’s basically the Original Trucker by look—With its point collar, flap button pockets, v front seaming, and hem adjusters—but with a soft, snuggly sherpa lining to keep you warm. Sherpa. A key difference from the original: It’s got a snap front instead of a button front. It keeps you warmer by ensuring cold air doesn’t get in through the buttonholes. We also went ahead and hooked you up with a hand-dandy inner pocket for your phone, your keys, your wallet, (you know, the essentials) or basically anything you want to keep close to your chest. Literally.

Man wearing jean Type III Sherpa Trucker with green sweater and brown pants

Type I Trucker Jacket

Ok, now this one’s a little bit different. The Type I Trucker features all the lightweight ease of the original Trucker with a different look and feel. The look comes from 1937—a throwback to our double pleated, single pocket, cinched back work jacket. The feel comes from today. We updated the look with a relaxed look and side pocket because we have cellphones now and definitely need someplace to put those.  We also have a Sherpa version for all those in colder climates or all those who want to be cozy.

Man wearing brown Type I Trucker Jacket

Vintage Relaxed Fit Trucker Jacket

Ok, you know how we all love the ’90s, right?  The zeitgeist seems to agree on that. So since we all love the ’90s we’re all definitely going to love the Vintage Relaxed Fit Trucker with its ’90s-inspired fit. What does “’90s inspired mean?” you ask? It’s a little boxier, a little slouchier and has just a smidge more room in the shoulders. Oh, and the sleeves are a little longer too. The better to roll up. What else? Well, it’s got all the same things you love about the original Trucker—The button front, the chest pockets, the front seaming. Plus, it comes in sherpa too for when you need a little extra warmth.

Man wearing gray Vintage Relaxed Fit Trucker Jacket with brown sweats

Truckered out? Us either. Shop more Trucker styles here.