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The New Levi’s® x Jordan Collection

Two exclusive sneakers. Two new jackets. One iconic collaboration. Levi’s® and Jordan are back in action with more limited-edition pieces, featuring Air Jordan IV sneakers (in black and white) as well as two reversible Trucker Jackets. They’re in extremely limited supply. To buy the sneakers during the official launch, visit our SoHo and San Francisco Market Street stores from 6/26-27 and sign up to win a chance to purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

To enter for a chance to win, all you have to do is provide your basic information in store. Winners will be notified by text message or email. (Note: the contest is exclusive to our SoHo and San Francisco Market Street stores.) Levi’s® x Jordan Trucker Jackets will be available on and at the following stores:


Levi’s® Plaza (San Francisco)

Michigan Avenue (Chicago)

Las Vegas

Times Square

34th Street



Stay tuned for more updates. The collection goes live on 6/30.


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