Limited Edition


August 2021

Levi's® x Naomi Osaka. Mint green background and a denim onsie.Levi's® x Naomi Osaka. Mint green background and a denim onsie.

Yes, she’s the world’s top-ranked female tennis player, four-time Grand Slam singles champ and ruler of the U.S. and Australia Opens, known for her punishingly fast serve—125/mph (that’s a category 3 hurricane, folks). But Naomi Osaka won us over for her qualities *off* the court. Soft-spoken yet powerful and always authentic, she uses her platform for good, speaking her mind—and more importantly, her heart. 💖  

Naomi brought that same focus and true passion to our collaboration. The Levi’s® x Naomi Osaka collection, crafted from upcycled denim, takes Levi’s® icons to an unexpected place. These four distinct pieces celebrate Naomi’s rich heritage with a bold femininity and a sporty attitude—and a bit of her famous dry wit. (Heads-up: It’s available exclusively on Levi’s® App. 

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Naomi Osaka video.Naomi Osaka video.

The sustainability aspect was super important to me and I love that every piece in the collection has been recycled or repurposed from old stock.

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka MP4.

Naomi worked closely with our design team every step of the way (if she ever wants a second job...). It was crucial to her that each Levi’s® x Naomi Osaka piece felt personal: the Japanese-inspired Denim Kimono and obi belt with a hidden Red Tab; the reworked denim Trucker Bustier with lace-up back 🔥; the sporty, loose Lace-Up Short (upcycled from men’s jeans); and the Crystal Fringe Short (hello, crystal waterfalls!), made with vintage 501® Shorts.

Naomi Osaka modeling a corset type denim outfit.

I liked the idea of the bustier while I was sketching it, but I love it even more now that it’s been brought to life. It’s so cute!

Naomi Osaka

Naomi modeling a denim outfit with her hand on her hip.Naomi modeling a denim outfit with her hand on her hip.

I always loved wearing kimonos when I was a kid, so to be able to do it in denim felt really different and a bit unexpected.

Naomi Osaka

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