Spring/Summer 2019

Levi’s® Wellthread x Outerknown Present Cottonized Hemp

March 4, 2019

Sustainable fashion isn’t an ideal. It’s a necessity. And we’re innovating across the board for just this reason. Leading the charge is our Levi’s® Wellthread collection – a sustainably designed collection modeled on four guiding principles: materials, people, environment and process.


This season, you’ll see these principles play out in a casual and easygoing collection. Part of an ongoing collaboration with California surf brand Outerknown, you’ll find fully recyclable, 100% nylon board shorts, a t-shirt made from recycled jeans, a crafted embroidered western shirt, and a Trucker Jacket and 511 Slims made from cottonized hemp and finished using our Water<Less® technologies.


The introduction of cottonized hemp is huge. Not just for this collection but for the entire industry. While hemp crops use significantly less water with less than half the carbon footprint, until now, it’s delivered a rough texture, closer to linen than cotton.


To solve this, we partnered with fiber technology specialists to create a “cottonization” process that softens the fiber — using very little energy or chemical processing — to make it look, and more importantly feel, almost indistinguishable from cotton. The innovative development of this rain-fed hemp allows it to be woven like cotton into your jeans – same great feel, a lot less water.



Embroidered Trucker Jacket

  • Made from cottonized hemp blend
  • Comes with easily removable metal hardware for easy recyclability
  • Sewn in a facility that invests in worker well-being

Board Short

  • Made from 100% recyclable Nylon so the whole garment can be recycled, including thread, buttons and pockets
  • Sewn in a facility that invests in worker well-being

Western Shirt

  • Made from a cotton-hemp blend
  • Custom indigo embroidery detail for lightweight reinforcement at the yoke
  • Sewn in a facility that invests in worker well-being

Pocket Tee

  • Made from a blend of recycled cotton
  • The graphic used reminds us that no matter where we live, we all share the sea
  • Sewn in a facility that invests in worker well-being

511 Slim Fit Jeans

  • Made from cottonized hemp blend and Refibra Tencel® denim blend
  • Water<Less® finishing practices and a new Indigo-dye system help reduce water use
  • Sewn in a facility that invests in worker well-being

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