Intramural for Levi’s® SecondHand

April 2024

Intramural for Levi’s® SecondHand HeaderIntramural for Levi’s® SecondHand Header

Founded by Bijan Shahvali in 2019, NYC-based Intramural began as a vintage concept exploring the relationship between nostalgia and one's personal style. Bijan has since cultivated Intramural into one of the nation’s hottest fashion resellers with a simple belief that the best vintage style always includes an element of something personal. His talent and passion shine through sourcing vintage pieces that make an outfit feel unique to its owner.

Image of Levi's jeans.Image of Levi's jeans.

The Intramural for Levi’s® SecondHand capsule collection leverages Bijan’s knack for finding timeless relics of culture through an array of vintage Levi’s® jeans, Truckers, shorts and accessories.

Video of Bijan Shahvali

The assortment explores the ’80s,’90s and early 2000s through some of our most popular fits and washes of the era – we’re looking at you, perfectly broken-in 501s®. Each item was hand-selected by Bijan himself from some of his favorite, albeit top secret vintage sources. It reads like a personal love letter to a bold, playful time in denim history, with each piece revealing a new detail from our storied past.

Shop the in-store curation starting April 15th only at Levi’s® Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a short 6-week engagement. But you’d better hurry. Because like all the best vintage finds, the sooner you get there the better your chances at striking fashion gold.

Intramural for Levi’s® SecondHand

April 15th - May 30th

Levi’s® Williamsburg

120 N 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Image of Levi's jeans.Image of Levi's jeans.