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Grow Vines on Your Backpack

Backpack with Sharpie drawing

What if you had a style god for a father? You’d likely be pretty stylish, yourself. This is true for Eva Giordano, 19, progeny of Michael Giordano, our men’s stylist (he’s head-to-toe cool, even in quarantine). Lately, Eva’s obsessed with vines and says she’s been drawing them on everything, from notebook pages to a pair of old jeans her dad was going to toss (Reimagine, Reuse, Recycle!): “He liked the result so much, he said I should do it for a backpack.”

She accepted the challenge and went to town on one of our new sustainable backpacks. “You know those big houses that are covered in vines and you can only see the windows?” she says. “I liked that idea of it being entangled.” Clearly, Eva has inherited her father’s passion (and skill) for mixing prints and colors that seem counterintuitive, but work. 

Things to prepare for diy


Drawing sketch on backpack

Step 1

Make some sketches for practice.


Step 2

Start creating bloom segments. Feel free to branch off into a new segment as the spirit hits.

Drawing Vine on Backpack

Step 3

Experiment. “It will end up looking like it has twisted or sprouted together.” 


TIP: To avoid color bleeding, start with red, then blue, and apply black last. 


Step 4

Do the back, then the sides, then the straps. Add any final touches. “As I was finishing up,” Eva says, “I went in with a bit of extra blue in places to give it depth.” 


TIP: Feel free to wash your backpack once in a while. Permanent markers do pretty well in the wash — and fabric markers do even better. “I washed a shirt that I did the same design on,” Eva says. “It faded a little bit, but for the most part it’s permanent.”

Finished look of the backpack

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