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How to Style Levi's® Jean Shorts

May 2024

Models in summery outfits featuring denim shortsModels in summery outfits featuring denim shorts

Who doesn’t love a good denim piece? Today, we’re talking about a warm-weather classic—our denim shorts and all the ways we would style them—well, some of the ways at least. (We wouldn’t want to keep you here all day.) A perfect pair of jean shorts is an essential part of your summer uniform, and it’s super versatile too. Dress them up or down by adding your favorite accessories for a unique look that fits your personal style.

So, why do we all love jean shorts so much? They’re universally known as an indispensable summer wardrobe staple that effortlessly combines style and comfort. A perfect pair of Levi's® denim shorts can take you from a laid-back beach day to an active afternoon with ease. Below, we'll walk you through styling our shorts for both men and women—with tailored outfit ideas for all your favorite reasons to be out in the sun.

Image of a beach with overlaid text "Fit #1 THE PERFECT BEACH DAY"

Flat lay outfit styling for the beach

Let’s set the scene: it’s the middle of the afternoon and the weather is perfect. So you and your friends do what any smart friend group would do and set up a trip to the shore. Your stuff is all packed and the last thing you need to do is choose an outfit that will keep you comfortable until the sun sets.

For Men:
The 405 Standard 10” Shorts are our pick when it comes to all your favorite beach activities because they’re long enough to cover your swim trunks and they pretty much go with any outfit. Pair these shorts with a lightweight linen shirt or with something colorful like our Sunset Camp Shirt to keep you cool, while also adding a touch of effortless sophistication to your beachwear. Don’t forget the accessories! Grab a durable beach tote for all your essentials—sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, more snacks. And try a pair of easy-on, easy-off slide sandals for quick switches between sandy strolls and ocean dips.

For Women:
The beach calls for something light and airy—and that’s why our 501® Original Fit High Rise Shorts are an excellent choice for the occasion. This pair offers a relaxed fit that's perfect for a day under the rays. We like styling them with one of our graphic tees. (We recommend sizing up for an oversized look.) Complete your outfit with flip-flops, a statement floppy hat for BYO shade and a large tote bag for everything you need, like sunscreen, a towel and, of course, a good book.

Flat lay outfit styling for a farmer's market

Image of a market with overlaid text "Fit #2 FARMER'S MARKET ADVENTURES"

Image of a market with overlaid text "Fit #2 FARMER'S MARKET ADVENTURES"

Flat lay outfit styling for a farmer's market

Warm weekend in the city? There’s no better time for visiting your local farmer’s market. The air is fresh and crisp and all your senses are engaged. You see the vivid colors of the produce. You smell the fragrant aromas of just-picked flowers. You hear someone give you a compliment on your outfit…

For Men: A trip to the farmer's market demands a look that’s casual, yet put-together. Our 501® Original Fit Hemmed 9” Shorts are your best pick in this scenario. These blend classic Levi's® style with the functionality needed for a day of browsing endless stalls. Pair them with a breathable cotton T-shirt or a casual sweater and comfortable sneakers for easy walking. Complete your weekend look with a canvas tote bag—the perfect accessory for carrying fresh veggies and other cool market trinkets.

For Women: For an outfit that’s cute, but also easily wearable, our 501® Original Fit High-Rise Shorts stand out from the crowd. These provide both comfort and a dose of laid-back style, making them ideal for a morning of shopping. Wear them with a cute baby tee or a fun button-up shirt and finish the look with chunky sneakers and a crossbody bag to keep your hands free for sampling and picking up unique trinkets.

Image of pink flowers with overlaid text "Fit #3 AFTERNOON PICNICS"

Flat lay outfit styling for a picnic

Picture this: you’re sitting at the park with a gentle breeze rustling through the trees. You’re surrounded by long stretches of freshly cut grass and blooming flowers. In front of you is a spread like no other. Fruits, sandwiches, freshly squeezed orange juice—you’ve got it all. You take a second to enjoy this picturesque moment with your friends and snap a picture to remember it (and your amazing outfit).

For Men: If you’re going to be sitting on grass and enjoying a sandwich for lunch, our 469 Loose 12” Shorts have a relaxed fit that’s just right for that. We suggest pairing them with one of our button-up shirts and slip-on loafers for an ensemble that’s easy to move in and still looks great. Add some accessories to your look, like a classic watch and a pair of vintage-inspired sunglasses to really elevate your picnic style.

For Women: For a chic look, we love our 501® Original Fit High-Rise Shorts. These shorts pair beautifully with our denim tops, creating a playful denim-on-denim look. (You can’t beat this iconic pairing!) Layer a light cardigan in case the evening gets chilly. As for shoes, we like ballet flats because they add a touch of elegance to your outfit. And yes, a picnic basket absolutely counts as an accessory. 

Flat lay outfit styling for outdoor activities

Image of model skateboarding with overlaid text "Fit #4 CARDIO ACTIVITIES"

Image of model skateboarding with overlaid text "Fit #4 CARDIO ACTIVITIES"

Flat lay outfit styling for outdoor activities

Summer is a time to be outside and bask in the sun—with SPF protection obviously. Whether that means taking a nice walk around the neighborhood, going on an easy hiking trail or playing your favorite low-impact sports (Bocce ball, anyone?), here are the ideal fits you need to get your steps in and look good doing it.

For Men: Our comfortable 501® Original Fit Lightweight 11” Shorts are designed for movement and comfort, making them ideal for a hike or a casual bike ride. Pair these shorts with a snappy polo shirt and supportive sneakers for a different take on an everyday look. Lastly, you’ll need a lightweight backpack for carrying water, protein bars and other necessities.

For Women: If you're planning an active day, our 80s Mom Shorts give you the freedom of movement and add a burst of color to match the season. They pair perfectly with our Essential Sporty Rib Tank Top and a bucket hat for a look that's ready for anything from trail walks to playing basketball at the park. Finish off your active outfit with a pair of your trusty sneakers and a handy knapsack for your water bottle, lip balm and keys.

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