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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating the extraordinary women who move our world forward.

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She Chose Another Story

Melis Alphan | Journalist and Author

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She Turned the Tables

Jekka | Music Producer

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She’s Rewriting the Code

Joy Buolamwini | Computer Scientist and A.I. Researcher

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She Did It Anyway

Myriah Marquez | Skater and Mentor

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Meet María Osuda

This modeling agency founder is redefining beauty standards in the Mexican modeling industry.

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Meet Şahika Ercümen

This world record-holding diver overcomes her asthma and empowers others along the way.

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Jasilyn: Activist of the Land

"Jasilyn: Activist of the Land” tells the story of a young Lakota woman who found purpose fighting for her people through environmental activism.

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Number 6

“Number 6,” one of four #IShapeMyWorld films, checks in on football player and viral sensation Sam Gordon who has been breaking the mold (and tackles) for years.

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She’s Revolutionary

“She’s Revolutionary,” one of four films sponsored by Levi’s® and Girlgaze, tells the story of the woman who launched the #MeToo movement.

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Drum As You Are

“Drum As You Are,” one of four #IShapeMyWorld films, explores the work of Mona Tavakoli at Rock n’ Roll Camp For Girls Los Angeles.

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Reshaping The World

In partnership with Girlgaze, we’ve sponsored four short, female-directed films about authentic, boundary-breaking women who shape our world.

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