What’s Tencel Lyocell?

April 22, 2019

Sustainability is in our DNA. We’re always looking forward when it comes to fashion, social justice and environmental responsibility – like how more than 60% of all Levi’s® products are made using our Water<Less® technology, saving over 3 billion liters of water so far.


This Earth Day we’re highlighting our latest efforts with Tencel Lyocell that continue to strengthen our commitment to environmental conservation.


Tencel Lyocell is created using an environmentally responsible production process that’s integrated into the woods’ natural growth cycle. That means it’s made of naturally renewable raw material that’s biodegradable and fully reverts back into nature.


Blending Tencel Lyocell with cotton, polyester and wool, creates a softness you wouldn’t get otherwise. Though it’s not all about the amazing quality and feel; you’ll also have peace of mind knowing you’re helping the Earth by wearing sustainable denim.

You can find Tencel Lyocell in several Levi’s® styles. Check out Our Values page to learn more about our sustainability efforts.