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What We’re Wearing Vol. 7: The Anti-Athleisure, Pro-Vintage Tomboy In Heels

June 20, 2020

Katya Linehan is a walking paradox. Comfort is most important to her — but our brand marketing coordinator doesn’t like to wear sweats. So how does she deal? With her grandfather’s old pajamas, a lot of vintage denim and a trusty pair of scissors. This, in her own words, is what she’s wearing.

graphic tee and jeans

I’m a tomboy. I wear a lot of baggier jeans, and a lot of vintage Levi’s® that are already broken in. I prioritize comfort. I’m not really into athleisure, but I like things that I can wear at the beach and at home. These are the biggest jeans I have — that’s why I’ve been wearing them while working from home.


I try to only buy vintage. This past year I’ve been pretty diligent about it. It’s important to be sustainable, so I buy clothes I can wear a lot.

Graphic tee and shorts

These shorts are cutoffs. I think they were 517 Boot Cut jeans —  an older style that was on sale maybe two years ago. I wore them once or twice before I cut them. I didn’t really like the distressing, and I didn’t wear them that much, but I liked the top part. So I thought they’d be better as dad shorts. 


This is my grandfather’s shirt. I wear his shirts and PJs. I don’t own a lot of sweats or anything, so his shirts serve a dual-purpose, because I wear them out, too. I wear them all the time.

black top with denim shorts

I think I have some more evolving to do. I have more I want to express with my wardrobe. I generally wear a lot of black, brown and navy, so I want to wear more color. But I’ve gotta keep it monochromatic. I’m tiny, so when I wear patterns, they overpower my body. Monochrome is subtle, but still gives you that pop.


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