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What We’re Wearing Vol. 13: A Menswear Designer Finds Nirvana in Pants

Megan Greene's photos

With a past life in the skate world, now Levi’s® Assistant Men’s Tops Designer Megan Greene loves to clash styles. Some days you’ll catch her on a menswear-inspired kick. Others, full-fledge femme. This, in her own words, is what she’s wearing.

“My personal style isn’t easily predicted or summed up. If I had to pinpoint it, I’d say if menswear, streetwear and vintage all had a love child, Meg would be born. I dress for how I feel in the moment. I spent my early years in the skate industry and it shows…but would I shy away from pointed-toe boots and high-in-the-sky heels? Never.

Anyone who knows me, also knows about my style obsession with Zoe Kravitz. First of all, she has the coolest parents of all time. Lenny and Lisa? Hello! Her style is the perfect mix of dark and edgy with soft and feminine. And her band tee collection is out of this world. But my love for Zoe goes so much deeper than just fashion: She’s the ultimate powerhouse of socially and environmentally conscious activism. I live for vintage, hand-me-downs and thrifted goodies for a lot of reasons, but the most important one is the reduction in our carbon footprint. It’s all about choosing quality over quantity. Always!

Megan on 2 outfits

When it comes to jeans, I go with our Ribcage. These jeans are literally designed to make everyone feel confident, comfortable and FIERCE. 

They’re the only jeans I’ve found that hug my hips and waist simultaneously—they’re like a brassiere for your booty. It’s like they reinvented my mom’s Gloria Vanderbilt jeans from the ’90s and made them modern. 

2 Outfits on Megan

I honestly can’t count on one hand how many pairs I have, but I can’t stress enough my love for the shades, prints and patterns available. I have the cheetah cords, classic redcasts, my favorite washed-out black pair. The list goes on. I can dress them up or down and they’ll last me a lifetime. Not to mention, most Ribcage styles have some sort of sustainability baked into their design which makes me feel good, knowing I’m buying something that’s better for the environment.

Typically, I wear mine with a cropped tank or band tee with a leather jacket or Mac trench coat and some boots or sneakers. The best part is that you can literally style them with A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. If nirvana were pants…it would be the Ribcage.”


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