What Is Responsible Down?

October 14, 2018

With colder weather coming our way soon, it’s time to break out those warm layers—especially puffer vests and jackets. This season, we’re offering down-lined outerwear in a variety of styles, from Barstow Puffers (which look like our classic Western Shirt) to classic down Parkas. But before you do any shopping, it’s important to understand where this warm, lightweight lining comes from.

laydown image of down puffer jackets

Down lining has been used in clothing and home goods for years. Unfortunately, not all methods of acquiring feathers are always ethical. To combat that, the Responsible Down Standard was created. This organization is the authority on safeguarding the welfare of animals that provide down and feathers for the products many of us wear season after season.

parka with responsible down tag on lining

In order for a product to be RDS-certified, the down or feathers in the product must have been acquired with holistic respect for the animal. Each stage in the supply chain is audited by a third party to ensure ethical standards are being met. Check the tag of your jacket for the Responsible Down Standard stamp of approval.

Check out our new RDS-certified down jackets for cold-weather comfort.


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