The New Levi’s® Jeans Guide is Here

June 2, 2019

Since the birth of the blue jean in 1873, we’ve been creating fits that celebrate our heritage and your individuality. We know that everybody and every body is completely different, so we developed a men’s and women’s Jeans Guide to help you sort through our styles with ease.

Inseam length, leg opening, fabrication and side-by-side images of each of our iconic fits help you compare jeans and find your new favorite pair.


It’s all in the details. Learn some need-to-know Levi’s® lingo before diving into the guide.

Lot Number

These are our product identifiers that differentiate the various styles of jeans we make. Within each Lot (like 501® jeans) is a range of fits that distinguish different design details (like the 501® Original or 501® Original Cropped Jean).


The seat extends from your waistband to just below the pockets, where the legs begin. Often decorated with the traditional Levi’s® arcuate, the seat of our jeans have become somewhat of an icon themselves.

Leg Opening

The width of jeans or pants at the bottom of the leg (or thighs, if they’re shorts). This is often what defines the jean’s silhouette, such as a bootcut leg, flare leg or taper.


Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s jump into the fit guide and get you that perfect pair of jeans. Check out the men’s and women’s jeans guide.


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