Style Tips / September 2019

Wear What You Want

The Levi’s® Guide to Unisex Style

Here at Levi’s®, we believe that self-expression isn’t just about what you wear — it’s about how you wear it. Whether you’re trying to make a statement or just doing your own thing. Levi’s® are designed to be worn by anyone and everyone, regardless of gender.


These days, everything goes — especially when it comes to personal style. We sat down with two of our models, Jesus and Matia, to chat about the continual evolution of fashion and what unisex styling means to them. Check out their looks and read on for the interview.


How would you describe your style?

Jesus: It’s very personal. It started when I was really young out of a need to feel special. I realized that as a man, we didn’t have all that women had to play with, so I decided that I would.


Matia: Mine is an amalgamation of a lot of imagery, a lot of cultural references. I think in general, queer people are very attached to imagery because they’re ways we found to feel included and to differentiate ourselves.

I feel more freedom when I include more masculine elements into my style.

- Matia

What’s your go-to garment?

Jesus: The dress. It makes me feel free. It also makes me feel like a chameleon. If it’s a very short dress, I feel sexy. If it’s long and covered up, I feel elegant. A dress can make you feel any way depending on the occasion.


Matia: I have two favorite pieces of clothing right now. One is a really ripped, soft, old long-sleeve white shirt that’s big enough to swallow me in a way that helps gender-wise. I also have a pair of 501®s jeans that I just continually get patched because the older they are, the better they look.


Levi’s® are really, really helpful in making people look hot. You can find a number to fit your body in the way you want to be shown.

Any last words on breaking down style boundaries?

Jesus: It’s an amazing time to be able to express yourself. It’s a complex time, but it’s a time where we’re all really free to express ourselves. Whatever feels the most natural is what anyone should be doing.


Matia: My style has changed a whole bunch and I expect that it’ll continue to change, probably forever — and I hope that it does.

Personal style is the most important thing.

- Jesus

You don’t have to be gender fluid to enjoy a more flexible approach to fashion. It’s about being comfortable and loving your look — whatever that is. Ease into unisex styles with versatile pieces that stand the test of time. Like our models Aaliyah and Ernesto: both are wearing our Graphic Hoodie, but they’re styled completely differently to reflect their individual personalities. Similarly, Hamish and Callie are both in our 501® ’93 Jeans and flannel shirts, worn to match their distinct tastes.


Our 501® Original Jeans and Trucker Jackets are other staple pieces that look great fitted or loose. Playing with new proportions, colors and accessories is fun and easy, and opens up whole new worlds of style.

Shop these and other looks at levi.com. And share how you wear your Levi’s® with the world by tagging @levis and #LiveInLevis on Instagram.