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Tapered Jeans

Levi’s® Men’s Style Guide:

They look good on anyone, with anything. They’re our most versatile fit and have become a go-to for every occasion. People have been tapering their own jeans for decades, but what are tapered jeans and how do you wear them? Those are the two most common questions we get about this style. So, we asked the experts.

“The taper is the new everyman jean.”

— Jonathan Cheung, SVP, Global Design


It’s our easy taper, offering a tailored fit which makes you look a little more put together.  If you don’t want to hem the length, give the cuff a little turn up.

Shop the 502 Regular Taper


This subtle taper is a modern take on our 501® Original. Try wearing it cropped or with a simple sneaker.

Shop the 501® Slim Taper

512 Slim Taper

Our Slim Taper sits in the sweet spot between a skinny jean and a regular taper. Balance the slimmer leg with baggier jackets and shirts.

Shop the 512 Slim Taper

“The tapered jean looks sharper and more put together and it works pretty much for everybody.”

— Jonathan Cheung, SVP, Global Design

Lo-Ball Stack

This extra-narrow taper was designed for the sneakerhead. Make sure you get the right length. You should have stacking that sits just above your sneaker.


Our Hi-Ball has an exaggerated taper that comes pre-rolled to show off a little bit of ankle. It’s all about your footwear with this one.

Shop the Hi-Ball Roll

Want to give it a try? Shop our entire collection of tapered jeans.

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