Spring Clean Your Closet

March 26, 2019

Spring is here, and to a lot of people, that means it’s time for a fresh start. Cue: spring cleaning. Hit refresh by clearing your closet out of those never-worn items and make room for new favorites along the way. To help you get inspired, we put together some classic looks worth making room for.

Casual Cool

The jeans you never thought you needed. White denim goes with everything, looks fresh and is easier to pull off than you think. Try a tapered fit for a clean look, and pair them with a super-soft tee.

The Perfect Tee

What’s better than the simplicity of a crisp white t-shirt worn with jeans? An overlooked staple, a white tee can turn into a statement with the right amount of confidence.

Ultimate Spring Staple

The perfect denim jacket exists. Iconic for a reason, our Trucker Jackets look good on everyone and can be worn all year long. They’re especially great for unpredictable spring weather and for layering in between seasons.

Double Denim

Although intimidating to some, denim-on-denim is more than doable. Try experimenting with different washes to ease into the look. Pair dark-wash denim with a light-wash Western Shirt for a modern take on a classic getup.

Donate your denim. Get a discount.

Wondering what to do with your unused denim after your closet cleanout? Head your local Levi’s® store to donate your denim (any brand or style) and save 20% off one item. Your jeans will be recycled into materials for community-building projects.


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