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Skip Jones on Old Threads and Our New 551™ Z

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When it comes to sustainable practices, recycling and saving water are very important. But there’s another part of the conversation that still needs to be addressed: our relationship with shopping. 

It sounds strange for us to say this, but the most sustainable thing you can do is stop buying brand new clothes. Reconsider how much and when you need to shop. Instead of going after each trend, look for styles you can see yourself wearing a variety of ways for years to come. 

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We’re at the heart of this great debate, which is why we’re designing with sustainably made fabrics, using water-saving practices and offering secondhand Levi’s®. 

When we made our 551 Z Authentic Straight Jean, we thought about its longevity and environmental impact. Modeled after our first pair of Shrink-to-fit zippered jeans, this style has an anti-fit that looks just as good now as it did back in ‘61, only now it’s made with water-saving Cottonized Hemp. They’re the jeans you dream of scoring at the flea market, designed with both the past and future in mind.   

To get the 411 on the 551 Z, thrifting and sustainability, we sat down with Seattle-based tie-dye master and vintagestore owner Skip Jones. 

Why’d you decide to open up a vintage store? 

It was always a dream of mine to open a vintage store. Growing up, I didn’t have a choice, we only shopped at secondhand stores and consignment shops. Developing a sense of style amidst the limited options gave me the eye. And my heart will keep me true to the original idea of being a place of higher fashion for affordable prices.

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How do you give these clothes a second life? 

I bleach or tie-dye most of the clothes that we get. It’s the most effective way to give these garments a whole new look while also displaying the artistry which we create. We’re always finding new ways to put our personal touches on our items. 


Why are sustainability and upcycling important to you? 

They’re what fuels my business aside from our non-existent carbon footprint. You take pride in knowing that what you do doesn’t harmfully affect our planet and supports a lifestyle that recycles and repurposes. 


We’d love to hear some style tips! How are you wearing these 551 Zs today? 

I wear them with thumb-length cuffs at the ankles and a belt for the extra waist protection. I like my dyed clothes to be the centerpiece of what I’m wearing, so I wear really dark or light jeans and either black or white shoes.  

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You mentioned you’re a five-rubber band guy, what does that mean and what does it do? 

Rubber bands are the most precise way to section off and preserve colors. If you experiment enough, you’ll find that twisting the garment and the rubber banding will give a new pattern. Dyes all work differently but what you can control is the preservation process, which will ultimately determine how the colors mesh. 

Whether you’re an upcycler like Skip or prefer to invest in new staples, where you source your clothes matters. Swing by your local vintage shop, peep our new SecondHand program or check out our new 551 Z. 


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