March 2021

A portrait of Melody EhsaniA portrait of Melody Ehsani

MELODY EHSANI: My name is Melody Ehsani. Growing up in a very traditional household, I realized quickly that my value as a woman was gonna rely more so on things outside of me than me. So for example, my whoever I married decided my value in a greater way than what I did or who I would become and this has really pushed my work in a lot of ways to sort of question this. I’ve always been really passionate about challenging the binary. One of the most recent ways that I’ve been really thinking about this is in fashion and in design is really the use of fabrics and materials. All the clothes that were made for boys were a lot sturdier and they were like made for function and all the girl’s clothes were always like frilly and would rip easily and tear and they were just a lot more delicate. It really bothered me. I thought that that was so limiting and it created these false rules from such a young age so I really love the idea of challenging that so in designing my own clothes now I use the materials that I like because girls do stuff too.

Watch Melody’s Beauty of Becoming video below.