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Melina Abdullah’s Beauty of Becoming Film Transcript

A close up photo of Melina Abdullah

MELINA ABDULLAH: My deepest hope is that all of the energy that we’ve poured into Black Lives Matter, all of our radical imaginings, that we can build a world where everybody has all of what they need, and most of what they want, will come to pass in the immediate term.

We build a movement that is divorced from ego and that is really grounded in honoring those who’ve walked before us, honoring our foremothers, as well as envisioning, imagining, and building a world that is fit for our children. I think the movement for black freedom, and by extension freedom for everybody else, is my purpose. And it was through movement work and really committing my life to movement work that enables me to live a full and authentic life.


Watch Melina’s Beauty of Becoming video below.

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