Women / September 2020

Master the Art of Layering

man and women layered outfits

Layering is easy. But stylish layering takes some effort. These tips from our in-house styling team will take your layers from basic to basically everything. Be ready for whatever the day brings, without having to run home to change.


Layer for the feels. Streetwear is all about appearing effortless. Keep it fun with a mix of fabrics and rethink your top layer. Anchored in denim for that authentic Levi’s® feel, our stylists added corduroy, fleece and jersey, topping the jean jacket with an oversized workwear shirt.


Layer for function and fashion. Throw on all your favorite things: A cozy fleece pullover, sporty puffer vest and tailored cocoon coat come together to create a balanced look of street meets chic. Feeling a little overheated? Wrap your pullover around your waist and keep trekking.

Extra stylist tips: When it comes to layering, strategy is the name of the game. Be mindful of the thickness of your layers and proportions of your clothes. Lastly, have fun with it!

Get in front of the mirror and start experimenting with our men’s outerwear and women’s outerwear to see what works for you. Who doesn’t love playing dress up?

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