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Make a Face Mask from a Bandana


So, you need a face mask. And you’re looking for something that’s cheap, and – if you can swing it — kind of fashionable. Michael Giordano, our men’s stylist and resident hippie-rocker guy, is here to teach you how to quickly make a mask with stuff you already have at home. All you need is a bandana, two small rubber bands or hair ties, and this handy guide.



Step One: Lay the bandana flat. Fold both the top and bottom so they meet in the center.

Step Two: Flip over the bandana, and again fold the top and bottom to center.

Step Three: Place a rubber band around each open end of the bandana.

Step Four: Move the rubber bands inward, leaving enough room to put your face between them.

Step Five: Fold both bandana arms inward at the rubber bands.

Step Six: Place one arm inside the other, and then adjust so the bandana is flat.

Step Seven: Place the bandana on your face. It should cover your nose and mouth.

Step Eight: Secure the rubber bands around your ears.

Step Nine: Even with a mask, remember social-distance guidelines. And don’t touch your face.

We are providing a $75,000 donation to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to support the lifesaving medical work they do worldwide.

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