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Levi’s® XX Chino

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The second you pick up our new Levi’s® XX Chino, you’ll feel the difference in craftsmanship — it’s the quality you’d expect from the brand that invented the blue jean. But these aren’t denim. And they aren’t your dad’s khakis, either. They’re softer, with just the right amount of stretch. And over time, they take on a look and feel unique to their wearer.


These chinos come in a range of fits that live outside our traditional Lot Number system—they’re not 501®, 502, or 50-anything. They’re in a league of their own and were designed from the thread up based on dozens of fittings and interviews and iterations.

Portrait of Khalid.

The Man in the Pants

Say hello to our pal Khalid. The reigning king of R&B is an easygoing Texan whose debut single, “Location,” went seven times platinum when he was only 17. A natural fit for the launch of Levi’s® XX Chino, Khalid captures what it feels like to be young in America right now.


See our new pants take center stage all around the globe on Khalid’s 2020 Free Spirit tour. And try them for yourself to see what all the hype’s about.

How To Wear Them

Levi’s® XX Chino is meant to be worn with ease. You can dress them up if you want to, but they look even better with a Hawaiian shirt. Available in three of your favorite fits, the Levi’s® XX Chino comes in a standard taper and slim taper, as well as a more relaxed straight cropped leg. 


Check out our fit cheat sheet below to see which one’s for you. Or just get all three and consider yourself dressed for the week.

Head to toe portrait of Khalid wearing Levi's XX Chinos.


Super clean and easy, these keep you casually put together without looking like you tried too hard. 



Slightly roomier than our Slim Taper, these have a little more give but look just as clean and contemporary.



The most relaxed of the trio. They’re a little bit streetwear, a little bit Sunday-errands-wear.

Shop the full range of our new Levi’s® XX Chinos online or at a Levi’s® store near you. Then tag @levis and #LiveInLevis on Instagram to share your look with the world.

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