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We created Levi’s® Made & Crafted®  to reimagine Levi’s® classics in a contemporary way, using the best materials and construction techniques available.

Our new collection is inspired by the deserts of Morocco mixed with laid-back California cool. Our designers blended the sun-faded colors of the desert with clean lines and elevated details to transport you to a faraway destination. You’ll find abstract nods to Moroccan architecture through bright white pieces paired with shades of blue. Rich clay hues, desert flower motifs and towel-bleached effects add dimension and an infusion of color. Men’s and women’s styles include relaxed, looser silhouettes.

“We're combining a bohemian look with a streetwear vibe, which is not something you see too often.”

—Nicolas Rendic, Global Design Director, Levi’s® Made & Crafted®


We’re proud to introduce Carefully Crafted to the Spring/Summer 2020 collection. An extension of our commitment to sustainability, each Carefully Crafted garment is designed using fewer resources from start to finish. Pieces are made with fabrics that help us reduce our environmental impact:


Cottonized Hemp

Through a unique production process, hemp’s naturally rough texture has been “cottonized” to feel extra soft. Grown with less water and fewer chemicals than traditional cotton.


Organically Grown Cotton

Grown without synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. Organic farming supports healthier farms and waterways and improves soil health.


Tencel x Refibra

Durable, soft fiber made of recycled cotton and wood sourced from responsibly-managed forests.


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