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The #OddlySatisfying TikTok Sensation

Levi’s® Future Finish

Confession: When we’re not busy making the best jeans (and shirts and jackets) we possibly can, we spend a good chunk of time scrolling through the magic that is the ethers of the internet. Our latest scroll hole: anything and everything #oddlysatisfying on TikTok — a social media craze of videos that are so calm they’re almost hypnotic. Before we all went to shelter in place, we met up with some of our TikTok favorites at Levi’s® Haus Miami to create a hole of our own. Let’s dive in together.


Meet Callen Schaub, Cosette Rinab, Gabby Morrison and Everett Williams — a few of our friends, personal-style beacons and first ever #oddlysatisfying challengers. We set them up with our laser-powered Future Finish 3-D denim customization technology and gave them creative control of everything from the wash of their jeans down to the tiniest distressing detail. What we got back was #oddlysatisfying gold.

Tik Tok Influencers collage


Who he is: Callen is an abstract artist known for his unconventional style, live performances and blunt personality.

Why we follow him: More than three million people follow Callen’s TikTok feed full of mesmerizing art and intense color play.

What he made: Callen chose to customize the 512 Slim Taper in an Indigo Night wash with our Galactic Future Finish pattern and a white and copper Two Horse Patch for a little extra star-shine.


“Seeing the design appear was like magic! The Galaxy pattern has a comic vibe that mimics my paint splatters. Now I want to make a custom Levi’s® jacket.”  —Callen


Who she is: Originally hailing from New York, this 20 year old Zodiac Cancer is a model and actress with a giant personality.

Why we follow her: Nearly two million tune in to Cosette’s playful approach to personal style and undeniable positivity. Not to mention her super-smooth dance moves.

What she made: Cosette customized a pair of 501® High-Rise Shorts in an Indigo Sky wash with our allover Levi’s® Logo Future Finish pattern and a fluorescent pink back patch.


“The most (and oddly) satisfying part was watching the design being lasered on! I’ve never seen anything like it. I could just watch the laser machine for hours!” —Cosette


Who she is: You may recognize this recent high-school grad from casting news surrounding the upcoming Brats TV series, Attaway General

Why we follow her: Along with over two million others, we follow Gabby for her epic lip-syncs and dance-offs.

What she made: Like Cosette, Gabby also went with the Indigo Sky wash, but instead opted to try it on Wedgie Jeans with a natural-looking wear-and-tear Future Finish pattern we’re calling Authentic Worn. She finished her design with custom distressing and an off-white and copper back patch.


“I wanted to make my dream pair of jeans that I could live in and wear day to day.” —Gabby


Who he is: Everett’s a menswear and lifestyle blogger with an affinity for all things grooming, travel and fashion-related.

Why we follow him: Everett never fails to surprise and inspire us with his unique take on lux streetwear.

What he made: Everett chose the Indigo Night wash and fluorescent pink back patch with the Leopard Future Finish pattern on our 511 Slim Jeans — making an animal print as easy to wear as a neutral.


“I was really inspired by vintage style and wanted to make something simple in the sense of just blue denim, but fun with a hint at the ’80s. I’m SO happy with how they came out!” —Everett


Oddly satisfying, right? Levi’s® Future Finish is a groundbreaking customization innovation that uses digitized lasers to let you personalize your jeans with unique details like wash, fades, rips, distressing, button and back patch colors and patterns. Anyone can do it, either online and in select Levi’s® Tailor Shops. And we haven’t even told you the best part yet.


Future Finish isn’t only #oddlysatisfying. It’s also easier on the planet. It uses less water and fewer chemicals than traditional denim finishing processes and its made-to-order maker model helps reduce our impact on the environment.

Make your own Future Finish masterpiece on levi.com and share it with us on TikTok with the hashtags #liveinlevis and #oddlysatisfying. 

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