May 2021

Three different photos of Naomi OsakaThree different photos of Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka is widely acknowledged as the people’s champion. And though her power and domination on the tennis court is one part of what inspires her legion of fans, it’s also her grace, fearlessness, and authenticity, both during a match and in her everyday life. As a voice for her generation, Naomi speaks to the power of staying true to yourself, and for standing up for what you believe in.

Naomi Osaka with a quote that says "when I was in school, all the kids really wanted levi's. I remember asking my mom for a pair. That's my first memory of a pair of 501s"

In her style, Naomi maintains that same note of grace, fearlessness, and authenticity. But she also likes to have fun. She embraces the playfulness of the Levi’s 501, and the way it functions as the perfect canvas for showing off a little personality. Worn with pops of color and her favorite sneakers, Naomi shows that the people’s champion also has a very relatable and very down-to-earth sense of personal style.

We caught up with Naomi on the set of our 501® Originals Campaign shoot, see what she has to say.