How to Make a Cropped Western Shirt

July 30, 2019

Pointed pockets. Pearl snaps. Yolk details. We’ve not only been making Westernwear since day one, we’ve defined it. Traditional at its root, western style hasn’t changed much since the 1800s yet remains as popular as ever. Whether you’re looking to repurpose a beat-up favorite or just bring fresh style to a classic look, this quick how-to guide is just the trick.

Watch the video and follow the steps below to learn how to crop your western shirt.

What you’ll need:

An oversized western shirt for a relaxed boxy fit!
Measuring tape
Tailor’s chalk
Fabric-grade scissors


Measure and mark. Start with your shirt on and buttoned all the way up, then measure from the collar button to where you’d like your new hem to be. We recommend doing this with a pair of high-rise jeans on to help you guide your hem length. Here you’ll see we cut the hem at about 15.5”, but this length will depend on your personal height and torso length.

Pro tip: start long. Just like a haircut, you can always cut more off, but it’s much harder to add length back on.

Once you’ve measured, lay the buttoned shirt frontside-up on a flat surface, and using your tailor’s chalk, draw a straight line at your desired length. You’ll notice in the video that we folded the arms across the chest to help focus our work.



Cut along the chalk line. Yep, it’s that easy. Just be sure to keep your shirt flat and still. Depending on which hand you use to cut, you’ll want to turn your shirt on it’s left or right side and cut from the bottom up (it’s easier than left to right or vice versa, trust us!).

If you’re a shaky hand, just be sure to use a ruler or yardstick to help guide your line and cut.



Fray your new hem. Of course, you can leave it as is or use a sewing machine for a clean hemline, but we really love the raw-edge look chosen here. Run your fingers along your new hem to encourage the white weft threads out of the shirt’s chambray fabrication.

Done and done. Now it’s time to show it off. Share your DIY cropped western shirt and how you’re wearing it by tagging @levis and #LiveInLevis on Instagram.

Not in a do-it-yourself kind of mood? No problem. We have plenty of crop tops and Western shirts ready to wear — available online and in stores.


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