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How to Cuff Your Jeans

Just a few years back Jim Moore, Creative Director at GQ, was interviewed by the New York Times about the rising trend in men rolling their chinos and jeans into cuffs. At the time Moore declared, “The roll has to feel a bit unintentional.” But based on what we’ve seen on the streets and around the office recently, that mantra no longer holds true (unless you’re specifically going for the “unintentional” look).


Today, men cuff their jeans in a variety of ways depending on the occasion, the style of pants and, most importantly, the shoe. There’s nothing nonchalant about crafting the proper cuff so you can show off your kicks. Whether they’re Italian leather brogans, limited edition high-tops or classic sneakers, what you’ve got on your feet is a great way to make a statement. And nothing draws attention to your shoes like a creative denim cuff.


Here are some of our favorite ways to rock a cuff — because your clodhoppers won’t stand out without the right jeans to show them off.

SKINNY CUFF (tight single cuff)

Best with:

501® Taper

High-tops and low-tops alike.

CUT-OFF (shredded at the ends)

Best with:

501® Original

Classic sneakers, like throwback basketball or tennis shoes.

DOUBLE ROLL (two consecutive cuffs)

Best with:

502 Regular Taper

Pretty much any shoe.

DEEP CUFF (long single cuff)

Best with:

505 Regular

Retro high-tops or leather boots.

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